Despite being relatively colourful in the rest of my life, every day, for work, I wear black. Black trousers, black top or shirt, black jumper or cardigan if the weather demands it, black trainers and a black jacket. I usually wear black socks and underwear too. Occasionally I’ll be daring and go for a white shirt under a black jumper but by and large, I have an all black uniform for work. It’s not an official uniform of course, more just one I impose on myself because it’s easy and means I can get dressed in the dark without having to worry whether particular shades of colours work together or any of that nonsense.

This isn’t particularly newsworthy in itself – I’ve done it for a number of years now, it’s just “work clothes” and I don’t have any particular affection for them – but I’m mentioning it now because I’ve just seen the anti-me. Well, not the anti-me because she wasn’t wearing all white, so some really crazy alternate universe me who was wearing a (semi-fitted) suit, with matching coat, of bright pink. Stupendously bright pink. Eye-splitting bright pink. Ridiculously painfully bright pink. I didn’t want to get too close to her for the sake of my retinas and also in case it caused some kind of time/space warp thing but it did make me wonder: I wonder if she gets dressed in the dark too.