How can I recycle this logoJohn and I have a new little project. It’s called “How can I recycle this?” –

It’s a community-driven site, coming up with creative and fun ways to reuse and recycle various bits and bobs from around the home and garden. Each week, there will also be a green dilemma to discuss because we constantly find ourselves in a tangle about which out of two green or ethical options are best.

As it says on the site’s about page, we decided to set it up after eating a big pile of pistachio nuts. There we were, enjoying the sodium high but at a loss about what to do with the leftover shells. We thought there must be a million uses for them but we just couldn’t think what.

The design isn’t finally finalised yet but we thought we should get going on it since the content is the important bit.

Anyway, go over and leave some suggestions!