1. Tuna bagel melts. Sometimes easy food is THE BEST.

2. I finally decide to give into the thing I’ve been craving for the last six months or so – World of Warcraft. I played it a lot, too much, four years ago but stopped when I left the uni because I worried it would suck up all my time (plus, I’d played as far as you can on your own and I wasn’t sociable enough to get together with other people to do the level 60+ dungeons/instances). My six months in Azeroth left a permanent mark on my soul and I often found myself recalling a place – most commonly, a particular path in a wood – and it would take me a moment before realising it was in the game rather than in real life (our game manual sits on our guidebook/languages bookshelf – a fitting coincidence). So, anyway, on Tuesday night I finally gave in – John found the game installation discs and dragged our old Windows machine out of storage for me, then I began the installation process – it took 11 (eleven!) hours in total to install and apply 4 years of updates & patches. And you know what? it was worth the wait. My character is a nature-loving Night Elf – a hunter so I can have a pet/animal friend, and I’m going to be a herbalist & a tailor (the equivalent of my real life hobbies). This is going to be fun. :)

3. We go for our second major late night shop in just over a week – food and supplies for our party tomorrow night. The shop is quiet and we laugh as we stroll up and down the aisles. I pick things with different friends in mind, hoping they’ll enjoy eating them and seeing in the New Year with us.