1. After suffering salesmen, it’s a relief to see their slumped rugby socks and hear their no-nonsense advice.

2. We repeat the walk Lily & I took on Saturday – a more direct route though, and no getting lost in the middle. I take John to all the things I found he marvels as I had done. While we’re up near the derelict buildings, we meet a couple of random dog walkers for the second time and after exchanging “hello agains”, John asks if they know anything about the buildings. Coincidentally, one of the women trained to teach woodland management and had to learn the history of the local woods. She confirms rumours we’d already heard – of exploding fireworks factories and Italian POWs. She tells us that “all the Calverley girls” loved the Italians, because they “just had that way about them”, and we tell her about John’s Italian heritage and laugh.

3. Lily & Carla visit each of the boys in turn to say hello.