Pippo’s: the new Italian restaurant in Greengates, Bradford

I’ve had a lot of hits to my website recently from people wondering about Pippo’s, the new Italian restaurant at the Greengates crossroads in Bradford.

I’m not in any way affiliated with them, I was just someone (like you people searching for it), looking for info about it. However, since they don’t seem to have any details online yet, I’ll post what I know:

  • They opened in mid-November 2011.
  • They’re open every evening (I think) and at lunchtimes too.
  • The lunch menu is a cut down version of the main menu but still pretty extensive and cheaper: £4.95 a dish.
  • The evening menu features all the pasta, pizza and Secondi Piatti dishes you’d expect from a Ristorante Italiano ;). Lots of choice.
  • When we went, in the second week of opening, there were some issues with card payments and licensing for alcohol (they were happy for people to BYO though). There is still a sign on the door suggesting one or other is problem – the Asda around the corner can help with both problems (open til 8pm, 24hr cash machine).
  • Their phone number is 01274 270802
  • Their postcode (if you need to sat nav it) is BD10 0RB
  • There is a small car park between the restaurant and the small memorial garden with the angel in it.


We moved from reasonably central Leeds to Greengates two years ago and are sorely missing having a selection of fab restaurants on our doorstep – so were very happy earlier in the autumn when we saw that the old Seven Stars Inn was being renovated into an Italian restaurant. And we were very glad to see that it was another local independent business, rather than something else like Costa. (We do go to Kiplings and Kebabish sometimes but prefer our curries elsewhere, and even curry-fiend like us need some variety sometimes!)

The people behind Pippo’s have done a decent conversion job – it’s clean, bright and airy now, with nice, simple wooden furniture. It’s not the most hyper-stylish restaurant ever but it’s not trying to be. To compare it to places in Leeds, it’s old school like Pietro’s in Headingley used to be (we’ve not been to its new incarnation Giorgio’s) or that place that used to be upstairs opposite WH Smith in the town centre (Fiore’s?) rather than the fancy wild-mushrooms-and-truffle-oil places like Salvo’s or Gusto, or the razzle-dazzle of Bibis. I do like love Salvo’s but every now and then, a girl needs a large amount of tomato & cheese – and Pippo’s is perfect for that.

We went on a Tuesday evening, the week after it had opened and it was about half full – good considering how new it was and because it was bigger than we thought it would be. We were quite glad it wasn’t any busier than that though as the waiting staff still seemed to be getting into the groove of things – a lovely man was rushing around all over the place but the two women didn’t seem so enthused/attentive (for example, asking for our order when we were still obviously choosing, then disappearing completely for ages when we asked for a minute. And then at the end of the meal, we had to ask all three people for the bill before it finally arrived.)

I have a bit of a weird obsession with spare ribs so had to start with them, whereas my partner-in-crime John went for melanzane alla parmigiana (cheesy aubergine bake). Both arrived without too much delay and were good – my ribs pretty much fell off the bone and the sauce was as stickily sweet (and the tiniest bit spicy) just as it should be. John can’t remember the details of his starter but did very much enjoy it.

The mains arrived incredibly soon after we finished our starters – almost too quick to be honest – and I can’t remember the names of what we had so you’ll have to make do with descriptions ;) One of my favourite things at Salvo’s was the baked pasta/pasta al forno – a pasta bake with meatballs, ham, salami and mozzarella balls, as well as cheese on top. Delicious comfort food a go go. I tried to replicate that at Pippo’s – maccheroni with ham & mushroom, with a creamy bolognese sauce and cheese on top too. It wasn’t Salvo’s but still fit the comfort Italian food shaped hole in my belly ;) The sauce was less bolognese-y than I thought it would be and a bit too wet (so it slipped through rather than clung to the pasta) but it was tasty.

John had a similar thing (bolognese, ham, mushroom) with risotto instead of pasta, and even though the descriptions in the menu sounded alike, the two had surprisingly different tastes – both good, just different. John is the risotto chef in our house and is quite particularly about how he makes it, so for him to enjoy it, it must have been good. He was a little surprised to see it made with long-grain rather than shorter arborio-type rice but that’s not uncommon according to his Italian mum.

We were stuffed after the main meals so couldn’t try dessert or coffee. From where I was sat though, I could see the desserts looked sizeable and I will try them soon, oh yes I will. I peeked at pizzas being delivered to the next table and they look good – certainly worth trying.

For our two courses, with one soft drink for me, I think the bill was about £29 – quite decent value really.

All in all, we enjoyed the meal – and we LOVED that it’s just a short walk from our home. If you’re looking for a fancy, upmarket Italian to wow your friends/business clientèle – or somewhere that prides itself on using local or organic ingredients, it’s probably not the place for you but if you want hearty, affordable family food, it’s perfect.


  1. A great review thanks. We’ve been meaning to try this place for ages and this might spur us into action. It’s also worth knowing about the Bridge Cafe which, surpirisingly enough, is just over the bridge towards Apperley Bridge. Italian owned, most stuff is standard cafe fare but the coffee is good and their aubergine parmejan with is fantastic for less than £4.

  2. Hi Tim,

    Yeah, we used to go to the Bridge quite a bit – it’s through the woods from our house so makes for a nice dog walk – but only had sandwiches. Might have to start going again to have their Italian fare :)

  3. Dan Cordwell

    19/3/2014 at 12:30 am

    Good evening Louisa.
    I have just read your review about Pippo’s in Greengates.
    I would like to add to your review if I may.
    I have just experienced Pippo’s tonight with my fiancé and also live locally, so thought we would try it.
    We both knew it as Seven Stars P/H previously and must agree how nice the new owners have made it and how clean and airy it is. The welcoming was lovely and really made us feel at ease which was nice. The service was brilliant and from your comments I really feel they have seriously improved their faults you experienced. The food was fantastic , tasty, filling and very well presented. Not sure if your interested what we had, but hey ho, I’m going to let you know anyway. My fiancé had for starters, mozzarella bites in a tomato and herb sauce which she states were delicious. I had chicken goujons in a garlic butter which I wanted another plate of once finished. For mains my fiancé had Fillet steak crema and cleaned the plate whilst reminding me all the way through the meal just how tasty and moorish it was.
    I chose Swordfish steak with asparagus and white wine sauce and mushroom, which was to die for. Both meals you were given an option of having veg and potatoe or fries.!
    We both were seriously full to the brim, and like yourself couldn’t face a pudding but we did have coffee.!
    I realise I may be going on a bit too much now, yet I think you catch my drift on what such a really really lovely evening
    we both had and how enjoyable the food and immaculate service was that we received.!
    I realise that I am still going on a bit too much, haha.
    But I can safely say that we both will most certainly be returning soon.!!! X

    • Hi Dan,

      Thanks for the review – I like descriptions of food, though you’ve made be crave Italian food now… :)

      We haven’t been to Pippos for ages so glad to hear it’s still good. We were at the Moody Cow in Apperley Bridge last night – fab that another local old pub has been given a new lease of life that doesn’t involve it being demolished and turned into a Farmfoods :) (If you’ve not been to the Cow, it’s primarily a steak place – a bit pricey but VERY nice food and good portions.)

      Hurrah for good food places in BD10!

      • Dan Cordwell

        2/6/2014 at 3:34 am

        Hello again Louisa.
        Glad you received my first review regarding Pippo’s, and thanks for getting back to me.
        I haven’t tried the Moody Cow yet but used to go for a few pints now and then when it was The Queens P/H.
        Like yourself, I have also heard it quite pricey but great portions.
        I will have to give it a try and see what experience I have.
        Either way, I will get intouch and give you our review.
        Thanks again Louisa, hope to type soon and take care.
        Let’s hope neither of the restaurants we have both discussed get their food from
        FarmFoods hey.!!! Ha.

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