1. We always try to pick shows that will stretch the group – not just the common, easy ones – but I think this has stretched them the most. Everyone has been involved so much – the entire cast on stage nearly all the time and involved with stylised, physical theatre, as well as half a dozen people who wouldn’t consider themselves to be singers blasting out solos. They all stepped up to the challenge and were rewarded with an awesome production. I hope they remember the experience for a long time.

2. Before the warm up, everyone shares their favourite bits about the show and feedback they’ve heard from other people – all the cast and audience seem to have different favourite bits, and that’s another reason why it was a great show: lots of fun bits to choose from. (My favourite bits: the thieves song, the Ass and his Ass song, the whole of the Little Beggar story and the always laugh worthy “oh..oh…oh!”)

3. The wings, stage left anyway, have been rather silly from the start but by the last song on the last night, we’re wearing donkey ears and leaping around like idiots.

4. To get home and know it’s over for another year.