I have a cold yet again – it sucks but it’s on its way now. This week has been a slow one as a result so just a few beautiful things from the week rather than a three a day :)

0. (One I forgot from Sunday) Without discussing it, on the walk to the shop, we both start humming a harmonization of the Super Mario Bros theme and we both know to stop at the same time too.

1. (Monday) So much fiction is predictable but this isn’t (even though, in hindsight, the clues are there). The pleasure of not knowing what comes next is novel and exhilarating.

2. (Tuesday) The bars of the tapestry frame clunk together to make a pleasing sound. The simple smooth lines of the wood are lovely to touch too.

3. (Wednesday) When the Calpol kicks in and then the rain comes to relieve the mugginess, I feel vaguely human again for a short while.

4. (Thursday) As John is out at day and all evening, I have a lazy day on the sofa. I watch, amongst other things, The Young Victoria, which I admit is a strange choice for a republican like me (I think of it as just a story like Game of Thrones and am just disappointed there aren’t more beheadings/dragons in it.) In one scene, Victoria hugs her then shiny-new-husband Alfred from behind, her hands clasped across his chest, her body pressed against the full length of his back. This is how I’d hugged John before he left for the office that morning and it makes me smile.

5. (Friday) Two days of rain and the garden feel more solid again: the soil no longer dusty and the leaves are heavy and green.