Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights this week, I’ve eaten out with various friends.

On Wednesday, John, Gianni, Dathan and I went to Brio’s in Leeds then onto the Victoria pub, then back to Dathan’s to laugh at a hideous piece of wall “art”.

On Thursday, it was The Blue Gnu/lojoco (and invited guests) End of Year night out – Katherine (and her John), Dan, Gianni, John and I went to Viva Cuba. We bookended the meal with visits to the Cardigan Arms.

On Friday, John, Gianni, Kev and Dathan went for a curry at our beloved Omar’s in Bradford then return for more wall “art” humour at Dathan’s (seriously, it’s that bad it’s worth two visits).

On each of these nights out, we ate delicious food and laughed so hard that we nearly vomited it back up again. I’m so lucky to have such great friends and have such great, local restaurants on hand. :)