3BT – surprise lunch, wet, contrasts

1. We’re in a quandary about what to have for lunch – one of those go-nowhere sigh sessions resulting from not having anything particular in mind and a lack of desire to go to the shop – then I discover from some merguez sausages in the back of the fridge, and oh, there’s some leftover bean salad from Friday, and a bit of old bread that could be warmed up… And suddenly we have a delicious lunch to enjoy.

2. The rain plops heavily on the leaves; the gush of the beck beyond is constant.

3. We walk to the far end of the road to, ahem, pick up a curry, at the golden hour. Ahead of us, the bright low sun blinds us with a stark whiteness – both directly and reflecting off the wet road. To our right, the buttercups and dried grass paint the fields yellow; beyond that, the evaporating mist softens the sloping hills and the silhouettes of the old bridge and the steeple. Behind us, the clouds are thick, almost navy and under them, the woods a deep bottle green. I feel like I’ve been playing with the colour levels and contrast on a picture.

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  1. theresa Bordas

    12/6/2012 at 12:19 pm

    I found your blog by accident, Iwas looking up info on chooks and found your post about Minnie, I was sad to read it. we have two chooks of our own Dora and Tinkerbell, our granddaughters names for them, Your description in the post I read took me back to my childhood , with the buttercups and the mist, I grew up in Yorkshire, and we came to OZ when I was 12. I really enjoyed reading it and will add you to my favourites. I look forward to future posts.

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