1. The strips of sunlight projected through the blinds onto our neighbours’ rich green wall.

2. The play is packed with groan-worthy jokes and when we finish our exercise early, I get the kids to tell me their favourite “dad jokes”. Some of them need to practise their delivery (I wonder if there is a drama exercise in there…) but others make me laugh out loud. My favourite, from a butter-wouldn’t-melt ten year old:

A cow and a chicken are on a plane. When the cow goes to the toilet, the hicken steals her seat. When the cow returns, she says to the chicken: “mooooove”. The chicken replies: “bwark off!”

3. The speed at which my latest long-stitch project comes to life. I thought it would take weeks to finish but it should be ready to mount/hang at the weekend. My stitching confidence grows with the design.