1. The only sounds I can hear are the rush of water in the busy beck and my breath on the pillow.

2. I don’t recall the elderflower being so numerous in previous years – or the scent from the blooms so strong. Perhaps the rain is to blame, on both accounts.

3. An array of colours side by side in a zip lock bag: softened versions of bright shades so they’re cheerful but not garish.

3b. One of those colours, a mid-green, in long straight stitches within the black outline.

4. Eating ice cream at 32 in the exact same way I did when I was 12 – smooshed up and melted, then licked off the spoon little by little.

5. I don’t realise how chilly I am – not cold, just a little chilly – until I hug him. He’s always warm to hug.