1. One of the kids asks if we call out “Leroy Jenkins” as we leave the rehearsal room to head backstage. I tell him only if he says it properly “leeroooooooooy jenkins!” and he laughs – I don’t think he expected me to get it and is amused that I do. I might not know the pop music references in the show but I know seven year old geeky memes (especially, ahem, since I’d spent the afternoon before the show relaxing in Azeroth).

2. I count my way through the different sketches, breathing out a little more as each passes successfully, especially the ones we’d struggled with in rehearsal. There is some freestyling, various good jokes skipped over and missed over words but all in all, it goes well. Those bloomin’ talented scallywags pulled it off again.

3. I cover Lily completely with the crochet blanket and she is still for a moment, then thrashes about in the exact same way that Tom Hanks does when covered in paint dust sheets in The Money Pit. (John knew exactly what I meant by that, even if no one else does :) )