Following a crazily busy week at the theatre, I had a week off last week and John decided to join me – our first week off work together in years (I think since before I quit the uni in 2006 – we have had days off but never a whole week). We were going to go away but with Boron needing frequent feeding and the chickens still being a bit of a concern, we thought now wasn’t the right time so we had a lazy week at home instead – not caring too much about chores, just relaxing and eating well like we would have done on holiday. I spent a lot of time in my pyjamas = win.

Some beautiful things from the week:

1. The purple of the stained glass flower on our neighbours’ door. It’s so vivid, how haven’t I really noticed it before?

2. Weather forecasts tell us it’ll be the day with the least rain but we still expect it to be overcast – it isn’t though. The sky is blue and the sun shines brightly as we stroll across the golden sand to the sea. Sure, it would be nicer if it wasn’t so windy and we weren’t bundled up in coats and wellies in July, but it’s lovely all the same. And in case she wasn’t having enough fun already, we find a ball for Lily to chase through the waves.

3. A new expanse of vividly green grass where we used to build dens and mud pies.

4. The warmth and softness of Boron’s fur against my bare leg. Carla’s soft belly ready to be tickled with my foot.

4a. A throwaway decision we made three years ago is critical today: it brings him back to us before we even really knew he was missing.

5. Coordinated regeneration has turned the street from a dingy, downmarket cut through to a cute, colourful places to buy sweets, wedding cakes and knick-knacks for the home.

6. A man saying “I’ll make one for you” makes John’s day.

7. The smell reminds me of a cheap scent I wore as a teenager. Clean and fresh, without the complexities demanded by adult life.

8. The moment when the rest of the names were called so that they had all received one award or another.

9. When the perfect funny lyric pops into my head just in time in the beat before it’s needed.

10. Talking about nothing and everything as we walk, as we drive, as we dine…