1. R & M
1a. R brings us a cauliflower – after bug problems earlier in the season, his garden is now full of them. Lily is whinely desperate to see R’s dog Malcolm but as soon as she reaches him, they ignore each other as usual. They have a strange, but sweet, friendship.

1b. We get home just as R and Malcolm are returning from their evening stroll. I bend down to stroke Malcolm and get a surprise little lick on the nose by way of a hello.

2. Garden
2a. I find a redcurrant bush hidden amongst the sycamore regrowth: the fruit looks like shiny jewels in the greenery.

2b. The repotted plants sit higher in their planters and instantly look healthier and stronger.

3. Banter over a good curry. More banter over a good film.

4. My hair had been still slightly damp when I’d pinned it up and when I let it down at bedtime, there is a fresh shampoo smell whenever I move. I twist my head from side to side.