1. The swirls of suds look designed: the outer swirl is solid but as the curve gets tighter, the line breaks up into dashes, then dots then the tiniest hint of dots. Then another set of swirls cuts into it – solid, dashes, dots and tiny dots. A fine combination of organic and repetition.

2. I do something a bit silly in the game and even though it wasn’t anything major – and it worked out ok in the end – I feel ridiculously embarrassed and quit out of it with a giggle. John laughs, telling me he’s heard of people “rage-quitting” games but not “embarrassment-quitting”. With another giggle, I declare I’m going on the dog walk with him instead so I don’t have to show my face around those virtual parts for a while. This makes John laugh even harder.

2b. We walk further than we’d thought and end up by the canal, at the good Lily swimming spot. After a session chasing imaginary ducks in the pond last week*, she’s getting more confident in the water and she swims out further than ever. It’s lovely to see her getting braver.

3. Past John and Past Louisa contribute to dinner so we get a lovely meal and pudding with minimal effort.

* There were no ducks around – she just had a little piece of duck down stuck on her nose so thought that there were ducks EVERYWHERE. John later described this as “smelling as stronger for her as if we’d been shot in the face with a duck cannon.”