1. A fluke chance of timing means I can avoid a potential awkward social situation – but in a good way for once.

2. The pylon reflected on the grey water of the canal.

2a. A man is sunbathing mid-walk on the bench on the other bank. Two boys are fishing away from the electric wires. A couple in shorts are walking hand in hand. A woman is sat on the green bank, laughing as a fat springer spaniel runs in and out of the water.

3. Inspired by Marmalade Rose and a random sketch, I decide to try my hand at felt art. I have a bag of moorland-inspired dyed wool tops and some natural grey leftover from last time I spun: the perfect shades for my woodland design. I’ll have to wait until it is dry to see how it ends up but so far, I’m happy with it and either way, it was good fun.