1. A new pair of jeans that fit perfectly, and thanks to eBay came at a fraction of the new-from-the-shop price.

2. Lily’s lolling tongue.

3. Our first homegrown courgette of the year – shockingly late and scarce this year (thanks slugs, thugs) – scattered with toasted cumin seeds and garlic. (And then buried under a pile of other veg, beans and cheese.)

4. A job that is not at all on my to-do list but it is surprisingly fun and straight-forward too. It inspires me to pick up some other long-shelved jobs too. (In related news: oooh, new website design ;) )

5. Boron’s tail is haunted, flicking and hovering by itself as Boron sleeps. We think he’s dreaming of his younger days when he was the alpha male, when he could fight, attract the young kitties and do solid poos.