1. The sun-warmed stone underneath my bare feet as I water the jungle of tomato plants.

(My tomato plants have shot up in the last week – an amazing amount of growth. I hope it’s not too little, too late.)

2. The roar and swirl in my head as I settle from a powerful sneeze.

3. The long dogs watch us with the same eyes and expressions even though superficially they look as different as can be (one is grey and amusingly fuzzy – a perpetual cute-bad hair day – while the other is mottled browns and super smooth). They sniff at our hands and welcome our strokes and attention while their owner tells us of their illnesses and costliness.

4. John sneaks into the house (from an evening out) while Lily is in the back garden having a wee. When she comes in, she knows something has changed so heads straight to the front door but somehow doesn’t see John sat on the sofa on the way. I call her back into the living room and she cautious sticks her head around the doorframe. Her eyes widen as she figures out that her John is back then she bounds at him. The tail bangs doublespeed against the cushion.