1. The stark contrast between the orange-red leaves and the deep green grass hurts my eyes. It looks unbalanced, the grass seeming bluer than it should be.

2. “Oh!” I exclaim when a little black dog suddenly appears at my side. It jumps up at my leg and I pat its head before it runs off back to its owners. I look around for Lily, who usually flees at the sight of other dogs, and am surprised to see her relatively close by, tootling along by the wall. It takes me perhaps twenty seconds to realise it’s actually another fat springer, and our stink hound is actually 100m away, on the other side of the field.

3. The puddle covers nearly half the near side of the road, and most of the pavement too, for the length of the bridge. We have no choice. I hang up my phone call and tell Lily to run. We run along together as the cars send spray after spray in our direction. The last car stops short of the puddle but Lily wants to keep running. She, and we, like running together. Forget those other dogs, we’re her pack now.