1. Yesterday we enjoyed the different sole prints in the snow. Someone was wearing pimpled tennis shoes, another walking boots with a curved triangle pattern. Today we search for our own sole prints in the noise.

1b. Speaking of noise, we throw snowballs off the bridge. They make a lovely pluff sound as they hit the water far below. It reminds of the reverbating peawow-wow-wow-wow from throwing stones onto the solid ice a few years ago. We repeat the sounds to each other as we walk up the steps to the main road.

1c. I whistle a swanee whistle’s drop and swoop, and suddenly remember playing a real one in a school room when I was … six?

2. My hands feel tender and slightly bruised after forcing the thick needle through the choked cloth for a few hours. Carla feels cool and silky smooth under my fingers.

3. The cats cuddle and hug as they enjoy the spare duvet (which is temporarily on the sofa because COSY!). Carla hugs an arm around Boron, then latter, spooning him, places a single paw on this head. “Look,” I say, “they’re sleeping like we go to sleep.” It is ridiculously cute.