(Not really a New Year’s resolution but I’ve been meaning to start 3BTing again and the start of the year seems a neat re-starting point :))

1. Staying up way too late with good friends. We watch Willy Wonka, Noam Chomsky and the New Yankee Workshop as the laughter filled hours tick by. Sometimes our jokes clatter over one another and at other times, we speak with one voice.

2. The cat and dog are mirror images, two sets of outstretched paws playing with the bag.

3. Our set of (European history) lectures comes to an end and I aimlessly browse our audio books folder for something new. Everything seems samey, or too familiar, or is already queued up to listen to on dog walks. Then I see a long overlooked sub-folder – a friend’s audio offerings from a year or so ago. Over 30 lecture series covering all sorts of interesting subjects: I cheer with gratitude and delight.

4. The yarn plyed together without tangling or undue twisting. It’s so encouraging to see how my spinning has improved – each small skein is more even and less fragile than the last.