1. The beck is very busy – it has clearly been raining a lot – but right now, there is nothing but glorious sunshine.

1b. Strange stretches out on top of the wood store to sunbathe. All our cats have liked sunbathing there: it is a sun trap, close to the house and sheltered by a holly bush so no one (feline, canine or human) can sneak up you from behind. Strange is a bit too lively to just sit back and relax though: she lies still for a moment then is up, chasing flies.

2. I don’t really do revenge in real life but in this computer game, when their little sprites have repeatedly attacked my village and destroyed fleet after fleet of my ships, I mentally tell the Greens and Reds: YOU. WILL. PAY.

3. As tops, the wool is navy and a cold violet, the silk is white and red, but all blended together and spun finely, they make the most beautiful, rich purple.