0. I wake in the night to crunching – Lily finally finding the bedtime treat I hid under her blanket.

1. On the bus on the way to the pottery studio, I read about some tiny changes being made to the Alterac Valley battleground in World of Warcraft. (I don’t play any more but keep up with the news.) AV is/was my favourite PvP battleground and some of my best WOW memories happened there (I’ve 3BTed about some of them). At the start of just about every battle, the teams, 40 strong, would charge en masse from their starting points to the first flash point. 40 people running together as a pack, brimming with optimism. I wish all life could feel like that.

2. After various comings and goings, I’m alone in the studio for about an hour and half. I learn so much from other people but equally I learn a lot when I’m left to play on my own, without the fear of looking (more) strange (than usual). I experiment with a new construction technique then try my hand at slip trailing (which is on my learning goals list for this term): I made lot of little dots and thanks to some guide lines, they’re pretty evenly placed.

3. We make dinner together – a rare event as we usually live by a literal interpretation of the “too many cooks…” cliché. It’s nice after a day apart (another rarity).

4. Cats bouncing, vertical take offs and springy landings.