0. I have a dream that I’m on SNL and make Andy Samberg laugh with my mad improvisation skillz. Also, I can defy gravity and, effectively, fly. That’s pretty cool too.

1. It’s funny, we’d almost found it so many times but never quite got there.

1b. There are a few pieces of outdoor gym equipment. We stagger like drunks after a few moments on the swinging walking things.

2. Bold colours in a heap on the bathroom floor.

3. We thought Carla-cat was going to die on Saturday night – she’s been in a slow decline for a while but a sudden surge in her chronic respiratory problems looked like it weeks be the final straw. She didn’t eat at all on Sunday and just a handful of treats on Monday, but today she’s improved: she asks for nibbles of food all day, goes downstairs to the litter box for the first time since the weekend and just before bed, comes to see us in the living room for a quick stroke. She’s so frail that she can’t have long left but we’ll enjoy these bonus days.