1. I’m off kilter. There are strange people here, talking about annoying things. I work too quickly and it slumps. Attempts to fix it make it collapse further. I feel frustrated.

I take the clay and wedge it.

It’s drier now, harder to work with but at the same time stronger, less prone to sagging. A bowl grows again and this time it stays in place. It’s a good shape. I don’t overwork it, I do the minimum then wrap it up. Next time, I’ll make it special.

2. The moon watches me all the way home. To start with, it’s hanging above the hill, in an almost mauve sky. Then later, it dances on top of the pink clouds. Then finally, when I’m home, it winks at me through the textured glass, unnaturally bright against the dark night.

3. I attach the buttons to the border and am pleasantly surprised at how well they fit – they straddle the edging perfectly and with their own cutouts, they suit the design perfectly. I had been planning to make ceramic buttons but they’d have been too heavy: these airy pewter-coloured ones work so much better.