1. The reflection of the washing in the dark glass of the door. The underwears’ spots and stripes keeps catching my eye.

2. She becomes a puppy again when her favourite John comes home.

3. Squid that is meaty but not chewy and chicken that melts in the mouth. We are serenaded as we eat by familiar songs sung in a familiar voice.

4. On the way home, driving through the north of Leeds city centre, I realise how much I miss it. It takes me a moment to put it into words but I finally figure out: I had been so accustomed to it but while I wasn’t paying attention, it had changed and there was no way back to what I once knew – I would have to start all over again. It’s how I feel about Southport too: the Southport I visit note is not the one I lived in, and Southport develops at a much slower pace than Leeds!

4b. I can’t explain it to John without sounding like a wanker but there is something about the names of the streets around where I grew up that resonates with me on a primal level. Achingly familiar.

5. After an hour of burnishing, the side of the pot looks like liquid. Another pleasant reflection – they top and tail the day.