1. I spend the day tidying my craft supplies – I refold yardage, I ball yarn and find new homes for dozens of different things.

2. Lily starts grazing on grass and cleavers just past the elder tree – we’re so close to the house that Strange, then Kaufman, join us. As a green-eating, meowing group, we slowly make our way to Wood Hill then Lily leads the charge down hill and we loop back through the woods. Strange leaps through the bluebells and Lily rolls on her back in the leaves. Kaufman, meanwhile, is the king of cool.

(Strange going into the bluebells was cuter – those big leaps all the way, but I only videoed her exit.)

(Some dogs roll in horse or fox poo. Lily is, thankfully, not that type of dog.)

3. We go down the road for dinner. It’s busier than normal so we’re stuck on a table that’s a little exposed, a little in the way, just next to a doorway. Then as the waiter takes our order, he mentions that a booth has opened up and would we like to move? Yes, yes we would.

3b. A faint smell of food clings to me after we return home. I couldn’t tell you what it is but I eventually remember what it reminds me of: the “kids club” at the hotel we used to go to in Cornwall when I was little.