1. Lily happily follows me up the stairs when I go for my lunch. Considering she couldn’t walk an hour earlier, this is a very beautiful thing.

(For those interested in our hound dog’s health, she had something like a vestibular attack – limbs flailing and failing, rolling eyes, clearly disorientated – but recovered from it in a matter of hours, not the usual days or weeks. The vet can’t narrow it down further than just something neurological: probably not great in the long run but she seems happy enough in herself for now — even when she couldn’t make her limbs work, she wanted to chase a fly and run in the garden. I took her on a short walk this evening, which she enjoyed as much as normal.)

2. We hang back: there is a blackbird having a bath in the little stream. We let it finish.

3. I change my top and it completely changes me … not mood exactly, but my temporary sense of self.