1. The clouds are so low that they hide the hills in the distance – Yeadon, Rawdon and thereabouts. Above them, the sky is blue, but the tops of the hills are hidden from us.

1b. Ninja-ing around Ikea makes me feel efficient and nimble (and makes me fractionally less susceptible to buying nonsense).

2. Lily hasn’t sat in her beck in some time – as soon as we get close, she runs ahead and makes herself a watery nest.

2b. The two dogs walk together, sniffing the ground as they go.

2c. Now that the factory has been demolished, we’re all more inclined to stare across the valley. R points out that we can see Ilkley Moor in the distance – we’re dubious until we move to the corner and can see the ubiquitous purple. Later, we stop in another spot – somewhere we’re passed a thousand times but never stopped to look: we can see more of the Moor, and can see how the river cuts its way around various hills.

2d. Like our chats with our friends P and T, I imagine our conversations as delicate organic structures, with countless branches, branches upon branches, and interlinking bridges and callbacks. (I want to use this idea for a piece of fibre art someday.)

3. The cheesecake is divine.

4. The colours on the bobbin – the crisp vibrant pure ones and the muddier ones taking the yarn from one colour to the next.

4b. When the rolag releases the fibres evenly without effort: I just pull smoothly and yarn appears.