0. Lily had another of her “drunk”/episodes last night and still wasn’t right when we went to sleep. By this morning though, her neurological wobble had fixed itself and all her legs move on command again. Phew.

1. A perfect oil/vinegar emulsion.

2. To push myself on the wheel – but to feel in control while doing so.

2b. To improve my consistency, I aim to make four bowls as similar as possible, from a preset design. One is slightly narrower than the others but otherwise I met my goal – with many little tricks learnt along the way.

2c. The fresh bright light from the new strip light – just what is needed on a dull afternoon. (Thanks John!)

3. We make chilli beef ramen soup for dinner – John cooks the steak and I do the rest. Amongst other things to add as we eat, we have lime segments on the side and my hands smell of lime juice for the rest of the evening.