1. One of the best bits about my mum and dad visiting is when they arrive and I can finally stop cleaning.

1b. She doesn’t quite know what she’s waiting for but she knows something is coming. She runs in circles when she smells who it is.

2. I show off all my hardwork – at the allotment, my creative stuff and the transformations we’ve made at home. If you can’t be “here is my picture, stick it on the fridge!!” with your parents, then who can you do it with?

3. I’m telling my mum about the local history of the woods when friendly black dog descends upon us. As I tickle her, she can smell the treats in my pocket (the dog, not my mum).

4. Scaredy Tilda is, surprisingly, the first to allow contact but eventually anti-social Strange gives in. She and Lily are morose when their grandparrys go to bed.