1. I’m still not feeling great. It’s very much a day for cuddling up on the sofa, wrapped in the spare quilt.

2. The mince grows and grows as vegetables and flavours are added. It’ll feed us for eight meals now.

3. I’m looking at buying some fruit bushes for the allotment and I wonder who would buy blackberry bushes when they’re so easy to forage – and both the allotment and our garden are plagued by unwanted blackberry brambles. Then I realise that not everyone is as lucky to have a woodland full of brambles on their doorstep.

4. Tilda sees Lily at the other end of the corridor and does one of her trademark excited head wiggles.

4b. We’re watching an old Futurama – an episode about cats and their diabolical scheme to destroy the world. Strange watches it, transfixed, from the cat tree then as soon as the credits roll, she turns away and goes to sleep.