1. We get a free gift with the latest pet food order: a play tunnel for the cats: it is immediately put to use. Strange’s white paws dart out of the side entrance and a head soon follows them.

1b. Lily becomes a puppy again in the evening. (We are convinced she is currently Benjamin Buttoning herself.) She runs back and forth, goading us into play.

2. Leftover curry for lunch – too much really but oh my, it’s delicious. There is a fish in a light-ish sauce and a chicken dish with mint: the flavours clash and contrast beautifully.

3. I remember to take my bag of textures to class. The filet crochet pieces create wonderful relief on the clay.

3b. As I walk from the studio to the bus stop, I’m coated in a flurry of snow.

3c. Droplets – melted snowflakes – cling to the girl’s hair.