0. Lily snuggles between us as I wake up. Backlit by the morning sun, her fur glows. She revels in the tickles until it’s time to get up.

1. The chickens get to play out for the first time in a little while. They enjoy their favourite dustbath spot and stretch out in the sun.

1b. I tidy the garden a bit – what I should have done before winter but didn’t have the energy to do. Pulling out the dead leaves reveals clumps of shoots underneath and oh, our first crocus is blooming too – a buttery yellow flower.

1c. A black cat curled in a ball on a white duvet.

2. Seeing just how many responses the morning flyering produced. I join them for some of the evening rush knowing that, while it’s scary, it’s also worth it.

3. A rich sauce made even richer with melting mozzarella blobs.

4. Lily’s smiling face and high whine to tell us it’s time for bed.

4b. We’re not quick enough changing the bed sheets: Lily makes a nest in the clean duvet.