1. Listening for harmonies distracts me from my preoccupation.

2. We manage them just right and grumpy Lily isn’t overwhelmed by defensive T or B, the bumbling young pup. The three trot alongside each other and behave brilliantly.

2b. While J and D play the drums, I wrestle with the dogs on the floor. If it wasn’t for our old lady waiting in the other room, I’d have stayed hugging them all day, until we were all tuckered out from the exertion of it.

2c. The girls are shy when we first arrive but are telling us stories and burbling words (respectively) by the time we leave.

3. Strange is clingy, as she often is when we’ve heartlessly abandoned her at home for a few hours, and she nestles between us as we decompress. Later, she stretches out on John’s legs and he tickles her belly. Her little back legs stretch out with joy.