1. A walk to the shop turns into a beach stroll around the Heugh. Lily ambles along beside us for some time until she suddenly spots the water and runs towards it. She sits down with a satisfied pant. Later, she tries to chase stones that we skim across the flat surface.

1b. The distant islands are so indistinct that they blur into the sea, making it look like the horizon has gone a bit wobbly.

1c. I buy some local kippers for lunch, from just down the coast at Craster. We enjoy the Game of Thrones related puns.

2. Another walk later in the day. We’d planned to go towards the castle but the wind deters us. We look at it – and seals, and the islands in the distance – through binoculars again instead. The island on the horizon is barely visible with the naked eye but with the lenses we can see the windows on the buildings. Magic!

2b. I can see it so clearly that I can almost feel the texture of the seal’s fur. The sun makes another’s whiskers sparkle silver.

2c. The clearness of the water at the shore, the blueness beyond.

3. The brownie is a blondie tonight and it is delicious. The best bit about the whole meal.

3b. Until a sudden cloud hides them from us, we stargaze from the back garden. We both see things we’d not seen before and come back inside with a fresh sense of excitement.