0. Small mercies: nasty Farage didn’t get his way and Galloway was ousted from Bradford West. We agree with many of the latter’s political positions but he’s such an odious bully that it’s not worth it: he’s damaged this city on both political and human levels.

1. The chickens purr a series of clucks as they hoover up the leftover rice.

2. Our own leftovers turned into comfort food. (It’s a day for comfort food and comfort music.)

3. In the evening, it rains harder than it has in ages, adding a flooded porch to our frustrations for the day. I try to find positives: the water butts at my allotment should be full now and our waterproof jackets are truly tested for the first time and pass – our jeans and dog may be utterly soaked but our top halves are dry.