1. (With permission), I salvage some wood from our neighbour’s to-be-bonfire stash: enough to edge a bed at the allotment, and start on a Lily-containment fence too.

2. I change shampoo – I don’t think this one will be as good for my hair overall but while I’m in the ‘new shampoo’ window, my hair feels amazingly soft and I’m enveloped with a lovely fresh smell whenever I shift my head.

2b. I have a realisation about something that I’ve been beating myself up about — no, that’s too strong, something that’s been niggling my self esteem/social anxiety lobe for a while. The details are unimportant but I’d been blaming myself for something that I now realise was absolutely not my responsibility. I take a mental sigh both in relief and in frustration that I’ve been bothered by a mistake for so long.

3. I’ve been in a foul mood all day/for the last 48 hours and I almost don’t want to go, but I do and I have a lovely time with my friends.

3b. Lily enjoys the garden in short bursts of hyperactivity. S takes her out for one of them and we watch him running around the grass with her.