1. Finishing a chore that’s been on my mental to-do list for years. The trellis hide the dirty wall and provide support for the fruit growing in the bed below. When I tie up flopped overgrown raspberry canes, the space opens up – it’ll be better for the plants too.

1b. Kaufman mews at us from various places in the garden. (He’s now asleep on my desk, in a ball between my keyboard and my screen.)

1c. Lily finally gives up – we’re clearly not going anywhere interesting and our work does not seem to be involving edible items – and goes to sleep in the sun.

2. Between the garden work and the bathroom cleaning, I get to escape for a short dog walk: Lily and I loop around the woods in the golden sunlight, and I get an affectionate lean from Friendly Black Dog too.

3. I nearly didn’t have it but oh my, I’m glad I did: the sauce that comes with shashliks is the crack of curry sauces, and the veg is the best grilled veg I’ve ever had too.

3b. I haven’t had Refreshers in years.