1. The deliveries come in a glut. We laugh each time the doorbell rings and Lily, who can just about hear the doorbell frequency, is desperate to be a part of things. The next time the doorbell rings, I hand her a package and she races downstairs with it in her mouth, proudly delivering it to John.

2. The clouds part just as I plan to go to the allotment.

2b. Pleasing rows for the leeks, and without counting, I make exactly the right amount of seedling holes.

2c. The sleek grey cat stalks around the plots, keeping an eye on his territory. When I’m leaving, I kneel to say hello but he stays at a distance: he’s a furry man on a mission.

3. Dinner has more of a round flavour than I thought it would – and includes tiny amounts of two crops harvested from the allotment. (Sugar snap peas and oregano.)