1. John suggests lunch at the pub in the next old village along, then a walk in the woods in the one beyond that. It’s all very pleasant.

1b. The toddler wants to meet both the dogs; the other dog wants to meet Lily; and Lily wants to hide until the table.

2. Looking through old photos. I’m a little alarmed that we haven’t got any printed of the new cats – who’ve been with us for two years now – then I find another pouch of tiny kitten pictures.

2b. We have a lot of beautifully composed photos but I mostly select snapshots for the frames: the blurriness of chaos better captures their essences.

3. I forget to go to the allotment (to water the greenhouses) until just before dusk. The evening is still warm enough that I can still walk over in a vest top and sandals. The lack of traffic is a pleasant novelty.