1. Recently, I feel like I’m making progress on my Duolingo. For a little while, I was struggling to do anything more than just practise but now I’m whipping through lessons as well as keeping my tree a shiny gold.

2. The chillis are letter box, the goji berries vermilion, and the raspberries are so deep and dark, they’re almost verging on plum.

2b. A little bit of work – that goes by in a flash thanks to some interesting podcasts – and the paths look a lot neater.

2c. A plane charts a straight line overhead but just before it turns into a tiny dot, it turns right – quite a sharp turn, not a slow veer.

3. Just before dinner, I read something about pancakes and it makes me want not pancakes, but a waffle. After a healthy, veg-from-the-plot filled dinner, we go for gelato and waffles. It is good.