1. I bail on the morning plans and have two more delicious hours of sleep instead.

2. Since it’s Halloween, I go for a subtly witchy outfit – between my black dress and boots, there is a little flicker of purple & black striped tights.

2b. The top of the dress needs some refining (it makes me – *me* – look flat chested!) but the skirt is wonderfully fun. It hangs nicely and floats around as I walk. It makes me feel like a dancer.

2c. The gyoza fire out streams of hot juices but are as delicious as usual. John takes a fork twist of my noodles and we end up having an impromptu Lady and the Tramp moment.

2d. I remembered I’d somehow managed to score us good seats but I forgot quite how good – second row, bang in the middle — and even better, no one sits in front of me. We watch in fascination as they play their many instrumnts – they’re the type of band you want to see in close up.

3. We each win a round of the game.

3b. Lily watches O when he goes to the bathroom with a “where’s he going?” expression. Later, she pads over to him so he’ll protect her from us cruel people who want to put her in the torture box (car). Lily loves her friend.

3c. The rays of the white street light in the mist make the red leafed tree glow.