1. We, jokingly, compete for the cat’s affection – John wants her to come to him so he doesn’t have to make the round of tea (the old “the cat’s on my knee” excuse), I want her to come to me so John does have to make it. I win, because she’s rather deaf and looking at me when the competition starts so I have her attention, but it doesn’t stop me rubbing John’s nose in my victory with faux-grandstanding: I pick up the fluffball and we share a high five, while chanting “13 years! 13 years!“.

1b. The John-made cup of tea is delicious.

2. The sound of muddy paws on the equally muddy path.

3. First it seems too bland, then seems too spicy but by the time it’s, well, smothered in cheese and baked, it’s just right.