1. Clearing leaves (or snow) off the wire roof of the chicken run is as pleasurable as it is irritating.

2. I inadvertently draw a little cartoon of my dad.

3. The roll of steam travelling down the kitchen after John opens the oven.

4. The contrast between the flat character design and the textured backgrounds. The RP-accented French-speaking puppet makes us laugh a lot too.

4b. Speaking of puppets: having heard wonderful things about it a few weeks ago, I finally watch the trailer for Anomalisa. Later on, I show it to John and we watch it again and again while trying to identify a little audio problem we’re having with our amp. I don’t mind the repetition – I find it utterly engaging each time. I’ve not been this excited about a film for ages, and I tell John that we should pretend that Kaufman is at least partly named after Charlie. [He’s not, he’s named after Andy.]