1. The bread of the croque monsieur is doughy, but in a good way.

2. The museum is organised strangely and unfortunately we only reach the best bits when we’re tiring but I enjoy the bones of the ancient hippo who used to live in Armley, the watchful stuffed bird and the shards and scraps of paper from the ancient world. We also enjoy the commentary we add to the pottery throwing video.

2b. We find the perfect spot to enjoy the painting of the fjord. Later, we’re dazzled by the brightness of the screen. I’m inspired by the large subtly ceramic panels – from a distance they look like wood or canvas, it’s only when we’re up close that we notice the rough oxides and touches of glaze.

3. I like the parquet flooring, the fabric wall hangings and snuggling up to my boy.

3b. John gets the giggles.

4. We go for a Thai meal – it’s more casual than we expected but delicious. (And surprisingly cheap – about £10 a head, for two courses including soft drinks!)

4b. The thick sweet sauce to drizzle on the rice.

5. The echo down the stairwell. The soundtrack to the city when we reach the top.

5b. Driving back home in the dark, with music playing. I’m reminded of a moment from long ago when a similar situation (albeit in a different city, with a different driver, and different music) made me feel like I was in a movie, and at the same time, keenly alive.