1. Lily runs around the ground floor looking for her people that are usually there – the children, or at the very least her pop-pops and her granny. She runs about again when, in turn, the latter two come home.

2. I like the teal woodwork and fresh furniture. I also like the burgers they serve: the first bite – when the taste of gherkin is still on my tongue – makes it taste like a McDonalds’ Cheeseburger (but in a really, really good way).

2b. Later, I’m still full from lunch but the clean spiciness of the soup stokes my appetite all the same.

3. I find a book at Oxfam that very much appeals to my nerdy brain node. I hadn’t realised how much interesting I’d find the different types of stile, or the regional variations in rakes.

3b. The new shopping centre is glitzy but nicely done out. For the city’s sake, I hope it’s a success. (The older shopping centre looks even dowdier in comparison but I’m drawn in to an independent jewellery stall: roughly worked silver in both industrial and organic forms.)