1. I’ve ruined one of my favourite video games for myself – I set up a map that I thought would produce the ultimate level experience but actually, it turned out quite boring, and not only couldn’t I be bothered to finish that one, the sensation carried over into the next map too. This is a beautiful thing because it made me want to do other things instead, more interesting and productive things. I’ll come back to the game at some point — I always do, I’ve been playing it for 18 years and counting, off and on — but for now, I’ll spend my time in better ways.

1b. The third sample piece of felt is the best – a combination of refining the technique and using less coarse (more easily feltable) fibre. It’s not quite as interesting as I thought it would be but it inspires further ideas – and I can embellish the sample to explore those ideas further.

2. A serious but positive conversation over a cup of tea. Later, a silly chat over Hangouts.

3. A tub of leftover curry from the freezer makes a very quick and very tasty meal.