1. The boat isn’t quite as cold as the day before.

1b. Breakfast on the bow.

1c. I use a strip of kitchen roll to measure the distance and we decide that it’ll be all together easier – and not that expensive – to get a taxi the whole way. The chatty driver does himself out of a return journey by telling us about the bus routes.

2. The castle looks too new to be truly interesting – but then we see it’s just a facade. The Norman keep inside is still anciently impressive, with old graffiti carved into the stone. We drop coins down the well and count as they fall. We also enjoy the aural exhibit to illustrate the castle’s toilet facilities and the smooth wood at hand height on the thousand year old door.

2b. There are more hippy shops than I would have imagined – my kind of town. (The two or three impressive yarn shops helps its cause too.) And the waffle house, let’s not forget the waffle house. The menu isn’t clear and we are a little perplexed about the idea of salads on waffles but we roll with it. The chicken on my caesar is succulent and flavourful. We have dessert waffles too: my chocolate mousse is thick and rich, like uncooked cake batter sprinkled with cocoa.

2c. A book shop, a games shop, and an antique shop where the building is more impressive than most of the items for sale.

2d. On the way out, we spot a ginger cat on a lawn and when we return, its getting a hug from its dad. When he sees us, he lowers the cat to the ground, as if it’ll ruin his image to be seen as a cat hugger. Too late, mate: you’re one of us and we know it.

2d. I think we’ve reached the halfway point back to the car park but actually we’re very nearly there.

3. A perfect dog – a black ‘working’ cocker spaniel – comes over to say hello.

3b. The broad is even quieter than the previous night – a boat side-on down the staithe stops the single late incomer from mooring at our end.