0. The street light outside our bathroom window is broken. It’s always been quite useful – not having to turn on the bright bathroom light while going for a late night wee but now the room is dark: lit by just a distant dull security light on the house across the road. It reminds me of when Leeds changed all their street lighting from the traditional orange to white directional lights: the colour of night changed.

1. Good bread with good butter.

2. Evening crafts:

i) the black glaze is perfect – smooth and flat inside the dish, defining the dimples on the rim and there is just enough of a ghost of it on the burnished outside to make it look smoke fired. Possibly my favourite bowl so far.

ii) the low dish isn’t glazed quite as terribly as I’d feared.

iii) freed from the (poorly attached) frame, the stitched squares are no longer distorted.

iv) the fibres stretch into broad stripes on the carding combs but meld together seamlessly on the spindle. The silk lifts the colour of the wool and adds a wonderful sheen.

3. I watch John as he defends his virtual castle and together we concoct traps.